Friday, August 26, 2011

How This Film and Website Came About

With the increased hiker, mountain biker, and horse activity on trails, it is helpful to have a good understanding of what to do when meeting a horse and rider on a trail.
    This became apparent to me when my wife and I were returning home after a ride in a forested area. Her horse saw a slowly gliding object off her left rear. As the horse instantly spun to get a better look, my wife landed in the gravel road, wind knocked out of her, not seriously hurt.

    After that incident, I decided to do what I could to get the word out to more people about how to safely share the trail — and the Internet seemed like the answer. I hope the film and the web site are helpful in raising awareness of more safely meeting horse and rider on the trail — so we can all enjoy our great outdoors. Get out there and have fun!

    Happy trails, everyone.

    Everett Lewis
    Hiker, Mountain Biker, Horse Rider

    Everett Lewis is a horse rider, a mountain biker, and a hiker. A member of Back Country Horsemen, he helps maintain trails in the North Cascades Tree Farm, and helped create the 1,200-mile Pacific Northwest Trail from Glacier National Park in Montana to the Pacific Ocean. Everett and his wife, Karen, live in Arlington, Washington, with four horses and three barn cats.

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