Thursday, August 26, 2100

WHAT a HORSE SEES! - Meeting a Horse and Rider on the Trail


  1. Came here from
    some comments are not serious, but getting horses used to people they know on bikes is a great idea - mixed rides ?
    If possible, tricycles and recumbent bikes are worth including - my recumbent will spook horses. Also on UK roads cyclists tend to wear day-glo colours, which can spook horses - it would be safer for horse-riders not to wear 'camouflage' colours, too !

  2. Respecting horses and their owners on the trail is fine and dandy as long as the owners respect everyone who uses the trails in like. An owner leaving horse feces on the trail is unacceptable.

    It's a two-way street.

  3. I noticed that you are part of Back Country Horsemen can you please get in touch with me at thank you